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Activity Schedule at the Big Little Science Centre

Open to drop-in 10:00 AM to 4:00PM Tuesday to Saturday (closed holidays)

Upcoming Saturday and other Special Shows and Activities

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Astronomy Show and Craft

Tuesday July 17 to Saturday July 21 11:00am and 1:30pm

Through activities and demonstrations, discover the solar system. Then move out to the stars themselves and explore the constellations. Children make a Constellation-in-a-Cup to keep.

Discover Lift and Make a Kite Craft

Tuesday July 24 to Saturday July 28 11:00am and 1:30pm

Bernoulli's principle explains a lot about how things fly. Try out some activities that create lift, then make a kite to see it all in action.

Awesome Air Pressure Show at 11:00am & Gases and Liquids: Fluids that work for us at 1:30pm

Tuesday July 31 to Saturday August 4

Fantastic Forces and Motion Show 11:00am & Super Static Electricity Show 1:30pm

Tuesday August 7 to Saturday August 11

Super Static Electricity Show 11:00am & The Amazing Magnetism Show 1:30pm

Tuesday August 14 to Saturday August 18

Gases and Liquids: Fluids that work for us 11:00am & Awesome Air Pressure Show 1:30pm

Tuesday August 21 to Saturday August 25

Beautiful Light and Colour Show 11:00am & Super Sound and Waves Show 1:30pm

Tuesday August 28 to Saturday September 1


Tues. - Sat.
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Closed Sundays & Holidays

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